Parodont Active oral hygien set 3in1
  • Parodont Active oral hygien set 3in1

Parodont Active oral hygien set 3in1

Parodont Active oral hygien set 3in1

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Oral hygiene set in case of periodontal diseases (toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush)
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Toothpaste for a special care of bleeding gums in case of periodontitis

PARODONT ACTIVE toothpaste contains aluminum lactate. It decreases bleeding from gums. Triclosan exerts broad spectrum antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Star Anise (Illicium verum)  essential oil of fights against viruses ant bacteria. Peppermint essential oil assures long-lasting fresh breath. The use of this toothpaste does not change the collor of teeth enamel.
Contains Sodium monofluorophosphate - 0,76 %.
Mouthwash for a spacials oral hygiene
Combination of aluminum lactate, sodium fluoride and chlorhexidine due to antibacterial action reduces gum bleeding, reduces inflammation, strengthens the gums, removes dental plaque and strengthens teeth enamel. Mint and eucalyptus flavor gives a long lasting fresh breath. Usage. Fill the cap and rinse for about 1 minute. Caution. Do not swallow! Not recommended for children under 7 years of age. Contains sodium fluoride - 450 ppm F-.
Time Index Medium toothbrush
1. Time Index – the blue indicator bristles fade to white with use of the toothbrush to signal the need for its change.
2. Deep cleaning – the special system of angled tufts provides effective cleaning even of the hard- to-reach interdental areas.
3. Effective massage – the specially arranged tufts and the toothbrush shape regulate the pressure on  the tooth enamel, while providing gentle massage and stimulating  the gums.
4. Special toothbrush stand


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