Medix Razor Multisurface 750 ml

Medix Razor Multisurface 750 ml

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Жидкий очиститель любого типа сильно загрязненных поверхностей, таких как духовки, столешницы и прочее, 750 мл
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It is fast and easy in cleaning extremely dirty surfaces and removing fatty buildups. Packing: 750ml Suitable for: • countertops, cabinets, sinks, kitchen appliances and kitchenware, stoves, etc. Our advice: Use the biocide in a safe way. Before use, carefully read the biocide label and data sheet. Do not mix with other detergents (incl. the ones containing chlorine as ingredient)! For cleaning lacquered surfaces, first spray the detergent on a wet cloth, then clean the dirty surface and dry!

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