Medix Razor Bathroom 750 ml

Medix Razor Bathroom 750 ml

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Жидкий очиститель извести на стеклах, плитках, фаянсах и прочее, 750 мл

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It has a very efficient formula with active foam that cleans bathrooms fast and easy by perfectly removing stubborn dirt, limestone buildup, rust stains and soap residues. It makes surfaces sparklingly brilliant and leaves fresh scent. Packaging: 750ml Suitable for: • sinks, bathtubs, faience, tiles, grouted gaps, mixers, showers • glass and acrylic shower cabins, very dirty terracotta tiles Our advice: Use the biocide in a safe way. Before use, carefully read the biocide label and data sheet. Do not mix with other detergents (incl. the ones containing chlorine as ingredient)! When cleaning chrome, enamel, PVC or damaged surfaces, leave the detergent to take effect by waiting for maximum 2 minutes after application.


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